Typical Uses & Benefits

  • Low Cost Sealer – A small amount of antifreeze seeping into a crankcase can cause expensive engine damage. Shell Cooling System Sealer & Stop Leak is a low-cost method of sealing many types of cooling system seepage and leaks. It features a unique combination of selected fibres and advanced leak-sealing components dispersed in corrosion-inhibited water. Used as directed, it stops leaks quickly.
  • Forms Complete Seal – The large fibres contained in Shell Cooling System Sealer & Stop Leak follow fluid movement to the leak area, forming a grid or mat across the hole. This enables other stop-leak materials to build up and form a complete seal, making the repair relatively permanent. The excess ingredients remain suspended in the coolant.
  • Applications – Designed for use in all types of cooling systems except diesel cooling systems using filtration equipment. Formulated to be non-clogging and trouble-free. Compatible with water and conventional antifreeze. Contains no metal.
  • Easy to Use – Use Shell Cooling System Sealer & Stop Leak each time radiator is flushed or as needed to stop leaks. Shake well before using. Pour into radiator. Replace radiator cap and operate vehicle as usual.