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In addition to providing 5 convenient locations for our local and visiting marine customers RUBiS also offers duty free Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) for qualifying vessels.  Duty free fuel is available ex pipe from our terminal in Ireland Island (Dockyard) or island wide via road tank wagon.


The HMS York being bunkered at our Dockyard Bunker terminal.


The M.Y. Air being bunkered

Product Grade
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel meeting
ISO 8217:2012
Delivery Ports
Dockyard:        ex pipe
St. George:      ex truck
Hamilton:        ex truck
Certificate of Analysis
CoA issued with every bunker enquiry
Provided to vessel operator prior to each bunker operation

Delivery Documentation & Sampling
Compliant with Marpol and BIMCO Terms and Conditions

Duty Free Qualifier
Vessel is required to bunker within 24 hours to intended day of departure from Bermuda to qualify for duty free fuel. Exceptions to this requirement include adverse weather conditions, primary equipment malfunction and any other emergency that may arise.

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