Woman pumping Gas into a Fuel containerIt’s important to practice safety when handling fuel, especially with portable containers.

  • Only store gasoline in approved containers. Never store gasoline in glass or other unapproved containers.
  • When filling an approved container with gasoline, place the container on the ground. Containers should never be filled whilst inside a car.
  • Fill the container slowly to reduce splash back or overfilling. Maintain contact between the nozzle and the rim of the container.
  • Do no fill the container to the rim. Leave space of at least ½ pint to allow for the gasoline to expand during warm periods
  • Tightly secure cap to container after filling. Do not use containers that do not seal properly
  • If you overfill or spill gasoline outside of the container, ensure that the spills have evaporated before placing the container in your vehicle.
  • When driving with a portable container in your car, ensure that the container is secured from tipping over or sliding around. Do not leave the container in the direct sunlight or use your car to store the container.