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Causeway Hurricane weather Bermuda

Hurricane Season is from June 1st – November 30th.  Peak hurricane season for Bermuda is between August and October.

Hurricane Watch - Hurricane conditions that are a threat within 48 hours.
Here are a few tips on vehicle preparation:

Hurricane Warning – Hurricane conditions that are expected within 36 hours.
Here are some additional tips:

Hurricane Categories:-

Category 1 – Maximum sustained winds of 118 to 152 kilometers per hour. Barometric pressure in the eye no less than 28.94 inches of mercury. These hurricanes result in minimum damage to shorelines. Minor damage to buildings, trees and shrubs could be uprooted, some flooding is likely.

Category 2 - Maximum sustained winds of 154 to 176 kilometers per hour. Barometric pressure in the eye no less than 28.30 inches of mercury. Potential for serious damage to building, roofing and windows could be threatened, strong possibility of flooding.

Category 3 – Maximum sustained winds of 177 to 208 kilometers per hour. Barometric pressure no less than 27.91 inches of mercury. Damage to building and services (electricity, water, and telephone. Fallen trees and utility poles could block roads, flooding.

Category 4 – maximum sustained winds of 209 to 248 kilometers per hour. Barometric pressure no less than 27.17 inches of mercury. Heavy damage to structures, agricultures, roads and bridges. Major beach erosion and heavy flooding.

Category 5 – Maximum sustained winds higher than 248 kilometers per hour with a gust of 320 km/h and higher. Extreme destruction of structures and services. Complete roof failures and heavy damage to smaller buildings. Massive flooding, evacuation may be necessary for areas at ground level up to 25 feet above sea level.

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