ULTRA TEC  Diesel's “Clean-up” and “Keep-clean”
performance for diesel injector deposit results in:
  • Superior performance in injector cleaning.
  • Cleans up injector deposits to significantly reduce loss of injector flow.
  • Restores power lost from injector clogging.
  • Maintains clean injectors.
  • Improvement in fuel economy.
  • Significant reduction in undesirable exhaust emissions, especially carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Excellent control of corrosion reducing the risk of filter blockage.
  • Prevents emulsion formation.
  • Effective control of foam formation; and
  • Reduces time to fill your tank.

 delivers powerful performance, reduces emissions, restores lost power and helps to SAVE you money.



ULTRA TEC  Diesel is designed to elevate your vehicle’s performance. By removing deposits build-up, it will help keep your vehicle running like new.

ULTRA TEC  Diesel  contains an enhanced additive package that is fully synthetic and multi-functional. This formula of detergent, anti-corrosion, anti-foaming and anti-moisture agents will clean-up deposits and keep your fuel injection system clean.

ULTRA TEC  Diesel will help your vehicle to run as intended by its manufacturer and thus maintain fuel consumption as close to specifications during its life.

Fuel mileage rates and exhaust emissions are linked. A cleaner engine will produce fewer emissions and will run more efficiently. Using ULTRA TEC  Diesel compared to ordinary diesel will help to achieve those benefits.