Ultra Tec will …
  • Help keep new cars running like new.
  • Prevent build-up of engine deposits in older cars.
  • Remove deposits in intake system left by
    other gasoline.
  • Maintain peak vehicle performance.
  • Eliminate performance issues such as hesitation, stalling, and rough idling resulting from intake system deposits.
  • Return your engine to optimum performance by restoring power lost to bad injector spray pattern, thereby improving acceleration and
    fuel economy.
  • Reduce emissions by cleaning fuel injectors.
  • Protect the metal parts in your engine and fuel system from rust by acting as a corrosion inhibitor.
And ……
  • It has the highest level of clean-up performance detergents;
  • It will provide rapid clean-up of any harmful
    engine deposits.

You expect peak performance from your car and RUBiS ULTRA TEC delivers!  We have advanced
our fuel technology by using an ultra-modern,
fully synthetic additive
that is designed to meet the challenges of today’s engine technology and
optimises your car’s performance.

ULTRA TEC prevents deposit build-up on carburetors, fuel injectors, intake valves and
other engine parts, which helps keep your car running like new.

ULTRA TEC’s cleansing power removes deposits
left by other gasoline. Your engine’s efficiency
will improve resulting in better mileage reduced exhaust
emissions and a cleaner Bermuda.

So when you are looking to get the most out of your car and help improve your fuel economy, your choice is obvious...
ULTRA TEC - Available exclusively at RUBiS.