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Best of Bermuda Winners for 8 straight years!

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 Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station


 Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station


  Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station

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Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station

The Bermuda Karting Club’s continued resurgence has gone up a gear after securing a $25,000 deal with the fuel distributor Rubis.

The two-year sponsorship of the club and the street side of the Bermuda Motorsports Park will go towards safety barriers and “making the track a better experience for spectators”.

Former club president Jason North said: “We’re really pleased to have Rubis come on board. It’s a great opportunity for our facility, and the sponsorship is something we’ve been working towards for a year and a half.

“Hopefully, it helps to bring in other sponsors and helps to grow our sport in Bermuda. It’s a two-year deal and they have first option on renewing — hopefully, they like what they see.

“All of us karters use fuel ... so [the deal] was a no-brainer.”

President Scott Barnes said safety is the priority, with the new-look track set to be rolled out for the start of the new season on September 25.

“It’s huge for us,” Barnes said. “They have shown faith in what we’re doing and this is an opportunity for us to keep growing.”

Graham Redford, the managing director of Rubis Energy Bermuda Ltd, said: “I am very pleased that we are able to continue to support the Bermuda Karting Club.


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For Graham Redford it has been a busy first year as managing director of Rubis Energy Bermuda, not least because of the $17.7 million purchase of Bermuda Gas from Ascendant Group in April.

There have been other challenges, including the ongoing weight restrictions on the St George’s swing bridge that mean delivery tankers from the company’s fuel depot at Ferry Reach can carry no more than two-thirds of a full load when traversing the bridge.

And there is the perennial concern of ensuring Bermuda’s fuel reserves don’t run dry. On that score, challenges range from bad weather preventing tanker ships from discharging at the fuel pier, to the island’s relatively small delivery ships being overlooked by international suppliers who are more focused on megatanker business.


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The 2017 edition of the Rubis Energy Bermuda calendar is shaping up to be something extra special as the company celebrates its first ten years on the island.

Each year around 15,000 of the calendars are distributed at Rubis service stations across the island.

As part of this year’s celebrations to mark the anniversary of Rubis coming to Bermuda and buying Shell’s Bermuda operations in 2006, the company asked its staff, dealers and newly-acquired Bermuda Gas workers to list their top five choices for charities they would like to support.

From the suggestions a list of 24 charities was identified to take part in a competition and promotion.

Each of the organisations has been asked to submit photographs to demonstrate how Rubis gets the “charity going”.


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A lucky motorist will be given gas for life in a Rubis company promotion which starts tomorrow.

All 12 Rubis service stations will begin the Fuel for Life competition, open to all Rubis Rewards Members.

The promotion will run for a total of nine weeks, ending on August 7, and one of their customers won’t have to buy gas for the rest of their life.

In addition, 36 customers will get free fuel for periods ranging from one month to three months.

Rubis managing director, Graham Redford said: “As part of our tenth anniversary celebrations, Rubis Energy Bermuda is pleased to be able to offer this promotion to all Bermudian residents who are our Rubis Rewards Members.


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More than 50 vendors will be taking part in the first St George’s Marine Expo tomorrow.

The event at Ordnance Island and Kings Square will include activities on the water and on land, such as tours conducted by the Bermuda Institute Ocean Sciences research vessel and taster sailing experiences for children.

Vendors include boat dealers, marine accessories and service providers, government and environmental agencies, water sports organisations, food and children’s activities.

The Olde Towne Market on Water Street will also be launched for 2016.

Ray Lambert, Bermuda Economic Development Corporation officer for St George’s and Marine Expo committee member, said in a statement: “Everything is falling into line. We have had a rush of interest in being a part of this event and to date have over 50 vendors slated to participate.

“The Marine Expo promises to be an exciting event for the boat enthusiasts and the entire family so we encourage everyone to come out to enjoy the day.”

Graham Redford, managing director of Rubis Energy, stated: “Rubis has been very involved in promoting the Expo and we are excited to see it come to fruition this Sunday.”

Interested sponsors and participants can contact Mr Lambert at 704-9057 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





 Troop soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) have completed a major exercise designed to cope with an oil spill in island waters.

The RBR teamed up with fuel suppliers Rubis and Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) for the exercise, which was based around a petroleum spill from a vessel docked at Morgan’s Point.

The exercise saw Boat Troop personnel, part of the RBR’s Support Company, deployed around a notional ship and setting up booming equipment to contain escaping fuel.

Support Coy officer Captain Gauntlett, who led the RBR operation, said: “Many of the members of Boat Troop were required to be allowed the day off from their normal jobs in order to help conduct the exercise.

“The Regiment is always grateful to employers, and especially for their flexibility when we’re training for this type of response which, like the Regiment’s hurricane preparedness training, is so important to Bermuda.

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