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Best of Bermuda Winners for 8 straight years!

BOB logo 2018 winner


 Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station


 Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station


  Best of Bermuda 2015 winner for Best Gas Station

Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station

Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd. announced today that they will be conducting a Tier 1 Oil Spill response training exercise in conjunction with the Royal Bermuda Regiment on Wednesday March 2nd and Thursday March 3rd, 2016. A small group of observers from the US Coast Guard, who are on island to conduct meetings and provide advice in relation to the island’s Search and Recovery and general Maritime enforcement capabilities, will also attend the exercise on March 3rd.

Graham Redford, Managing Director of RUBiS explained: “The aim of this exercise is to test all functions of the internal RUBiS Oil Spill Response Management System, along with external testing of the Island’s ability for an appropriate tiered response in the event of an Oil Spill. We will be working with Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL), a global partner of RUBiS. OSRL is the largest international industry-funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills anywhere in the world by providing preparedness, response and intervention services from a number of strategically placed locations. We are also pleased to welcome a number of our RUBiS affiliates from the Caribbean who are flying in to observe the training and exercise.

As the leader in the local fuel industry, helping protect the environment is a fundamental responsibility of RUBiS, and one we take very seriously. This exercise is part of our continued commitment towards oil spill and emergency response preparedness, and one of the most effective ways of assessing response plans and procedures, determining the readiness of responders, clarifying roles and responsibilities, promoting awareness of potential incidents and preparing for real spill events.

There will be two days of training; the first day will be on site at our Ferry Reach Depot where we will look at notification exercises to test our response process and mobilisation procedures. We will also be conducting table-top exercises designed to test the risk of our operations and allow for analysis of the incident response along with capability reviews of RUBIS’ tactical and emergency management organisation, our personnel capacity and competence, ours and the Island’s tiered response arrangements and a capability review of our training and exercise programmes.”

Matthew Simmons, Operations Manager from OSRL continued: “A robust exercise and drill programme provides RUBiS’ response and emergency management teams with the opportunity to practice skills that will be required in an emergency, to work together closely and develop working relationships with key stakeholders and to make complex decisions. Using a well-designed exercise will test response capabilities including plans, people, equipment and systems

This exercise will bring together the key personnel likely to be involved in a real incident, will further develop working relationships and encourage teamwork. Utilising OSRL’s expertise in incident response, we are able to provide exercise and drill development, facilitation, observation and involvement to help test and improve their preparedness and response capability.”

Lt. Col. Foster-Brown, Commanding Officer of the Royal Bermuda Regiment added: “Environmental protection is part of our disaster relief capability, and one which we take seriously and hope to expand, pending the decision by Government on a potential lead Maritime role for the Regiment,  so we are delighted to support this important oil spill exercise.”

Mr. Redford concluded: “The safety, health and security of everyone we work with is of paramount importance to us, so the equipment deployment exercise that will be held on the March 3rd in the Great Sound will focus on developing all of the stakeholders’ ability to deploy Tier 1 equipment in a safe and effective way. We do ask that the marine public stay a safe distance from the exercises which, dependent on the weather, will be on the southern side of Morgan’s Point.”

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Hamilton, Bermuda, January 4th, 2016:

RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd. announced today that Mr. David Rose, Managing Director, has retired after 44 years of combined service with Shell Bermuda and RUBiS Energy. 

Mr. Rose began his career with Shell Bermuda as a Management Trainee on November 1, 1971.  At the time of Mr. Rose’s employment, Shell Bermuda had made a decision to implement this local trainee programme to ensure management continuity for the future.  Mr. Rose was recommended by Stanley Marshall and commenced his employment under his direction.

Mr. Marshall states: “David proved to be the ideal choice as he progressed in the various positions under the programme. David’s training encompassed all areas of the fuel business in Bermuda and he attended numerous overseas courses designed to enhance his knowledge.”

Mr. Marshall continued: “Over the course of David’s career he served in a number of positions including Aviation Manager, Outside Services Manager and Health, Safety and Environment  Advisor for the local company as well as several other islands in the Caribbean. In 1986 I had the pleasure of handing over my responsibilities as the Marketing Manager to David.”

Mr. Rose was promoted to Oil Products Manager in 1999 and when RUBiS purchased the assets of Shell Bermuda in 2006 he was appointed Managing Director of RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd.

Under David’s expert guidance, RUBiS Energy Bermuda has grown from strength to strength. David’s hard work and dedication helped create a brand in Bermuda that is now known for product excellence, innovation integrity and outstanding customer service.

More information about RUBiS and their products and services can be found on our Facebook page at: as well as on our web site

For more information please contact:
Ms. Daniella Adams, HR Coordinator
RUBiS Energy Bermuda Limited
1 441 297-1577 –
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Best Gas Station 2015

RUBIS Dowling’s Marine Service Station has been operated by the ultrafriendly and courteous descendants of the founder George Dowling Sr. for over 50 years. In addition to providing top-quality refueling for both auto and marine vehicles, Dowling’s gives back to the community, donating to organizations such as the St. George’s Foundation and PALS. 1 Penno’s Dr., St. George’s, 297-1914


From L-R: Jermaine Simions – Sales & Marketing Manager RUBiS Energy Bermuda, Jeffrey Borges - Recruitment and Media Relations Officer for the St. John’s Ambulance Association, Michael Terceira -  Office Manager of the Terceira’s Group, Chevaun Simmons -  Events Officer for the St. Johns Ambulance Association and Dianna Armstrong - RUBiS Energy Sales and Marketing Representative

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 13th, 2015:

Today Mr. David Rose, Managing Director of RUBiS Energy Bermuda Limited, announced their continued support for the St. John’s Ambulance Association.

Mr. Rose said, “RUBiS Energy Bermuda has been supporting the St. John’s Ambulance Association with an Annual Fuel Grant since 2008. St. John’s provides an ambulance service designed to cover public events, and we are proud to be able to support this vital community service. What is even more valuable this year is that the Terceira’s Group, operators of the East Broadway RUBiS Station has partnered with us to increase the value of this grant to $5,500.00.”

Michael Terceira, Office Manager of the Terceira’s Group said; “We are pleased to facilitate the distribution of RUBiS’ annual grant to the St. John’s Ambulance Association. We believe strongly in the work that the St. John volunteers do, and salute each and every one of them. To this end, it brings us great satisfaction to be able to contribute to help stretch RUBiS’ donation further.”

Jeffrey Borges, Recruitment and Media Relations Officer for the St. John’s Ambulance Association said: “St. John’s Ambulance provides medical coverage at a number of events throughout Bermuda.  Our trained Medic First Responder volunteers attend a number of events each week throughout the island and provide ambulance coverage in the case of an emergency.  St. John’s Ambulance is extremely grateful for the continued patronage from RUBiS.  Without the support of RUBiS we would find ourselves in a difficult position; fuelling our vehicles as they are on the road each week.    We thank you RUBiS for your continued support.” 

Mr. Jermaine Simons, Sales & Marketing Manager of RUBiS Energy Bermuda Limited said, “The St. John’s Ambulance Association’s team of active uniformed first-aid responders has been attending to the needs of Bermuda since 1894. After a century, this organisation has expanded to provide supplemental ambulance coverage for over 253 public events each year. Many of these are charity or sporting events, operated by organisations with limited funding. We also recognise the many volunteer members who selflessly contribute their time, usually on a weekend or holiday, and expertise without any personal financial gain.”

Continuing he said, “RUBiS is very proud to be able to assist such a worthy cause and are sure that our donation of fuel will enable the St. John’s Ambulance Association to continue the fine work they do for all sectors of the Bermuda community.”

More information about RUBiS and their products and services can be found on our Facebook page at: as well as on our web site

For more information please contact:
Mr. Jermaine Simons - Sales & Marketing Manager
RUBiS Energy Bermuda Limited
1 441 297-1577 -
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -


BOB-logo-2014Best Gas Station

Service and smiles await you at the RUBiS Warwick Gas Station on South Shore Road. Our judges love the extended hours and unbeatable selection of grocery items. Their hot lunch specials, freshly baked goods and in-house HSBC ATM also help to put this gas station in a category all its own. 

72 South Road, Warwick, 236-4158

Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School (BBFS) logo

 Bermuda's Brazilian Football School (BBFS) Community Program Vehicle

Bermuda's Brazilian Football School (BBFS) is pleased to announce our new partnership with Rubis Energy Bermuda, Eurocar Ltd, Island Construction and TandT Driving School. The four named entities have united to support BBFS, by sponsoring the 'BBFS Community Program Vehicle'.

Rubis and Eurocar partnered in donating and servicing the vehicle at no costs and were assisted in their goodwill, with the support of Island Construction (Tires) and TanT Driving School. TandT Driving school will establish a 'Safe Driving Program' for BBFS youth trainee coaches, once they are eligible to receive driving lessons.

BBFS wishes to express our sincerest appreciation to all four corporate donors. Their collaborative efforts and support of BBFS, will allow us to expand our Football and Life Skills programs.

BBFS Youth Apprenticeship Programs

Bermuda's Brazilian Football School (BBFS) is pleased to announce our Youth Apprenticeship Pilot Program in partnership with Eurocar Ltd. BBFS facilitates a Youth Leadership Development Program for our members aged 14 and above. The program affords our members the opportunity to gain hands on experience in coaching, administration, management and now an apprenticeship based learning scheme.

Eurocar Ltd. via Mr. Richard Davidge and Mr. Richard Correira, have provided Mr. Nacori Smith with a fantastic opportunity, to further enhance his mechanical skills and interest. Mr. Smith a founding BBFS player and now serving as a youth coach, is a true example of the BBFS mission statement.

"To foster the mental, physical and emotional growth in youth through football,
both nationally and internationally."

BBFS wishes to express our sincerest appreciation to Mr. Davidge and Mr. Correia, for affording a young Bermudian, the opportunity to develop professionally and mature into a productive citizen.